Nissan X Spotify - Microsite

Design, UI Design, Layout, Motion Design, Art Direction – Agency: Chiat Day/TBWA, UNIT9

Nissan has a cool, young and smart car that also has Bose speakers in the seats. We were asked to design and impliment a marketing microsite to promote Nissan’s new car called Nissan KICKS. With Spotify as the partner we built a spotify connect experience where users were asked to connect to their Spotify accounts to analyze their most current music to see how they rank on the FRESH SCORE. Users ‘Fresh Score’ was a fun and modern metric for displaying just how up to date user’s music actually is. 

My role included UI design, Art Direction , motion design  and style direction, creative direction. Initial concept by agency.

Final design direction and style creative:

Alternate visual directions and explorations:

Beynart Creative - San Francisco, CA.