The Gift Rapper - Microsite

UI Design, Creative Direction – Agency: TBD, UNIT9  – Client: StubHub

Hip Hop + Artificial Intelligence + User submission data is the avenue of our GIFT RAPPER experience. With StubHub's holiday design language and 1990's HipHop cultural texture of everlasting classic 'Boom Bap' bars, we created a streamlined and seemingly straight forward digital questionnaire. In reality and behind the scenes a well trained Artificial intelligence takes users answers and appropriately dynamically applies it into a series of lines to create a real-life rap written and voiced originally by our very legendary influencer MC -- MURS.

A parallax of subtle movement and clean dynamic transition create a whimsical, fun and nostalgic hip hop experience and motion allowing the user to clearly move through the experience.

Final design direction and style creative:

Alternate visual directions and explorations:

Beynart Creative - San Francisco, CA.