2018 California Fire Relief Fundraiser - Apparel

What initially started as a conversation between teacher and parent, sparked into a fundraiser for the victims of the 2018 California wildfires. A self initiated project collaboration with both my son’s Preschool and a Los Angeles based clothing company ‘They Analyze Us’ to design a series of children’s shirts, stickers, embroidered patches and ‘Dad hats’. Proceeds from sales would go directly to those in need and the commuinites of those affected. The t-shirts were sold and marketed by my son’s preschool to the parents and the community.

‘Thank You’ patches and limited number of ‘dad hats’ are availble on the THEY ANALIZE US clothing online shop or directly through me.

Final and printed ‘Super Hero’ themed t-shirts, ‘Thank You’ patches, stickers and dad hats.

Final T-Shirt design with color options:

Design explorations and ideation on the ‘Super Hero’ theme.

Design explorations and ideation on the ‘Smokey Skies’ theme.

Beynart Creative - San Francisco, CA.